How long does a loft conversion take?
The total time span of a loft conversion will depend on the scope of the work required, but a typical loft conversion usually takes 8 to 10 weeks. Every loft conversion is a little different, so our staff can provide additional information once we know more about your job.
How much does a loft conversion cost?
The price of a loft conversion depends significantly on its layout and dimensions. It is extremely difficult to give an exact cost, but a typical loft conversion costs between £48,000 and £85,000. Contact us today to receive an estimate for your job. We’re happy to look into the potential areas of cost savings with a view to making the price fit your budget. Simply ask us about it! We’ll split the payment into separate instalments.
Can all lofts be converted?
Not all loft conversions are possible. During your consultation, with the use of google earth we will discuss with you the various options available  then schedule a time at your convenience for a face to face meet.  Simply give us a call on 020 8871 3323 to set up a consultation, or us the contact form.
What services are included during the loft conversion project?
We provide everything from interior design to finished result. All our estimates are customised to suit our customer’s preferences and budgets. We have a team of skilled interior designers ,Bespoke joiners for all your storage solutions, decorators & bathroom tilers as well as carpet/flooring suppliers, who could provide you with a quote once the build is complete.
Is the price fixed?
Sure, the price is fixed. Once our team has agreed on the scope of the work we provide you with a fixed quote. The cost may be affected if we discover an unexpected problem once the job has started.  If this should occur, we will re-quote in advance of doing any extra works.
What about planning considerations?
We will take care of any regulations and planning issues that need to be addressed. We’ll let you know if you need to get a party-wall agreement and whether or not your project is an allowed development or if you’ll need to get planning permission. Our experienced and reputable architects will conduct further research and adhere to the council’s guidelines.
What is a party wall agreement?
An adjoining wall between two properties is a party wall. A party wall agreement is necessary before any work is done on your property, and this agreement must be reached between you and the other party. This protects both you and the other neighbour. Obviously you will only need a party wall agreement if you share an adjoining wall with another property.
What else do we need to consider?
If you have a party wall this is especially important but we recommend you discuss and planned building works with your neighbours to ensure a good relationship and minimise any potential problems whilst work is underway.
Why should be choose a specialist loft conversion company instead of a general builder?
At Encompass, we have specialised in loft conversions for many years. Our staff of architects can design conversion plans that go through smoothly into law and will work with you to maximise the space you have. Our tradesmen are all on contract because of the quality of the work they do, and their extensive familiarity with converting lofts. Finally, our office staff have years of expertise dealing with loft conversions and are ready to answer any questions.
What other loft conversion work have you done locally?
Based on our gallery and case studies, you can see examples of our prior work and read loft conversion testimonials and reviews from prior clients.
How much disturbance will there be during the build process?
We aim to do all we can so as not to inconvenience you while you convert your existing loft into a bedroom. Some customers tell us that they did not know we were in the attic! We will fit a false ceiling in your existing hallway, erect scaffolding and gain access to your loft from the outside. We do all the work overhead, so your loft stays clean throughout. We won’t break through the ceiling until we are ready to install the staircase. What’s more, working from the outside prevents builders from passing through your home.
Is your loft conversion and building work guaranteed?
The loft conversion work and structure is guaranteed for 10 years which is insurance backed.
When can you quote?
Please call our offices on 020 8871 3323 for an initial consultation we can then book a home visit as soon as possible.
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